Ubobo State School

Exhibition: What’s that smell?
Artists – Ubobo state School
Curator – Katrina Elliott
Medium – Photography

We all experience the world through our senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, body awareness and movement). How we translate sensory information into actions is called sensory processing.  How we process sensory information is different for everyone and we all have our own sensory preferences. There are things we like and other things we like to avoid if we can.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. It has the ability to spontaneously trigger a long-forgotten event or emotion.

While I was tutoring the student on the theme of their exhibition, I shared the experience of smelling my Grandmother before I could even see it was her. And how now every time I smell that same perfume it always triggers fond memories, I had with her.

Using photography the students and teachers of Ubobo State School invite you share in their experiences of “smell”, both good and bad. We hope this exhibition transports you to a place filled with wonderful memories triggered by (visual) smells.

Ubobo State School


Ubobo State School is a very small, rural primary school, situated in the heart of the Boyne Valley. It provides a quality education for children from Prep to Year 6, with present enrolments of 7 students. The school motto; ‘Trying is Doing’, is indicative of the philosophy shared with each student that they can achieve when they give things a go.

School staff are committed to achieving the best for students in academic, sporting, and cultural fields. They strive purposely to improve on the quality of education delivered through strategies that encourage continuous improvement in every student. Ubobo State School feel most fortunate to be involved in this project, The Art Gallery Gladstone Hospital’, having Katrina Elliott come into the school and share her artistic expertise.

Ubobo State School is committed to fostering a community of life-long learners that are willing and able to contribute to an active society. A strong academic curriculum that develops a broad range of knowledge across a range of fundamental areas is vital to help mould well-rounded individuals. Katrina has managed to add great value to our Arts program, helping students to see themselves as artists.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this project and were keenly interested in learning aspects of photography.

Art tells a story, and the students relished this opportunity to share one of their stories about smell.

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