Jean Kane

Feature imageNot without my Barra (I) A2 print_Web res
Not without my Barra 1, Jean Kane

Laughter is the best medicine

From the outback to the oceans

Artists: Jean Kane
Medium: Giclee prints
Exhibited: December 2018 – January 2019

Artist Jean Kane, has been a resident of Southend on Curtis Island for 22 years. Inspired by her surroundings, Kane brings her community’s colour and sense of humour to the walls of the Gladstone Hospital.
“Every morning I wake up overlooking the ocean, it is the inspiration for many of my paintings.”

Jean’s work depicting recurring themes of ocean, beaches, local wildlife and vivid colours are a product of her surroundings and expeditions through out Australia.

“My life experiences and my sense of humour come to the fore in my “people” paintings. I love to make people smile”

All prints are available for sale. Please contact the Artist. Jean Kane 0439 538 059

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