Lowmead State School

Lowmead State School 2018

I’d love to…..

Artists: Lowmead State School
Curator: Katrina Elliott
Medium: Collage
Exhibited: February – March 2019

Using collage the students and of Lowmead State School invite you to share in their
expressions of what they would love to be able to…..

Fostering a creative environment at a young age helps children engage in abstract and analytical thinking, sharpen their visual-spatial acuity, and become more receptive to out-of-the-box thinking. Creative thinkers are more able to suspend judgement about people and circumstances and avoid gender stereotyping. Studies have shown they can have high degree of autonomy and demonstrate self-discipline in matters regarding work, they are able to delay gratification, tolerate ambiguity, and demonstrate high levels of self-control.

Creative learners are big-picture global thinkers with a willingness to take risks and strive for excellence leading to a lifetime of creative thinking and future problem solving.

Creativity = “outside of the box” thinkers

Bridie Stehbens 9yrs, I’d love to……be a vet.

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