Margaret Worthington

In the Canopy

Dobby , Young Tree Kangaroo

Artists: Margaret Worthington
Medium: Prints from Watercolour paintings
Exhibited: April – May 2019

Tree Kangaroos have always fascinated me. During my visit to Far North Queensland I stayed with a Tree Kangaroo carer and I was able to touch, watch and learn about them. I became close to two very special animals: Dobby, a young male, just learning about tree climbing, and Kimberley, a female with a young in her pouch. I also spent time exploring the Crater Lakes National Park, watching birds and studying plants. I took photos, walked, sketched and made notes. I had in mind a series of watercolour paintings for an exhibition. I returned home to my studio and painted. When I looked at the work; the paintings had a gentle narrative and developed into this book. Dobby Young Tree Kangaroo, is a visual diary, and I wanted to capture how special Tree Kangaroos and other inhabitants are to the ecosystem of the Tablelands Wet Rainforest.

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