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#painteyesclosed Challenge

MARCH challenge – Paint with your eyes closed

Everyone is welcome to join in the challenge.
1. Use 10 x 10 cm tile, cardboard, paper ….
2. Eyes must be completely closed, no cheating!!!

Artist – Katrina Elliott
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New office

So excited to be setting up my new office, well for the next couple of months. I am starting the new project in the hospital courtyard this time. The maintenance crew dug deep in the basement to find me this old steriliser unit. Works a treat to put tiles and succulent plants on. We just need to find some serious colour to brighten up the place now.

Setting up for project Äunty”

Staff workshop – Gratitude tree mural

Thank you to the staff who were able to give up some of there breaks to participate in the tile mural project. There were lots of laughter and smiling faces. Defiantly something to put on the “must do again”list. What things do you feel grateful for today?


ABC Capricornia Interview

ABC Capricornia Interview with Jacquie Mackay
15 January 2019


If you’ve ever had to spend any time in hospital, you would know that it’s not the nicest place to be, with it’s typical disinfected look and feel. However now, patients, staff and visitors to the Gladstone hospital have something lovely to look at, with a section of the hospital’s walls being given over to become a showcase for local artworks. This Gladstone hospital art gallery project is the passion project of local artist and photographer Katrina Elliott and she proudly took me around the hospital to take a look where I asked her what it took to get this project up and running.

Katrina Elliott and ABC Capricornia reporter Jacquie Mackay Gladstone Hospital