Breast Cancer Awareness – Our Story 2021

Across Australia, every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a national initiative to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. This year, in collaboration between AESTEC Services, Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, McGrath Breast Care Nurse Sally Haley and local artist Katrina Elliott, we’re proud to share “Our Story.” Here we bring together the incredible stories from people who have been impacted by breast cancer. Everyone’s story and experience is different.

In addition, to aid with breast awareness, check out the below resources from the McGrath Foundation or visit the McGrath Foundation website

Our Story


Nov 5, 2021
In June 2016, I was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer.My sister had recently had a bilateral mastectomy from cancer and they found a lump in my left breast.That month I had a lumpectomy and and a month late 6

Maree (Sharon)

Oct 26, 2021
My breast cancer journey is the story of my younger sister Sharon who was diagnosed in February 2015 at 41. I still remember that day and that phone call from Sharon. I felt so helpless as she cried over the phone, all


Oct 19, 2021
Well I saw a movie once, it was in Dutch.. Roughly translated: A lady goes to the doctor…In my case A lady went to the Physio… At the end of February 2021, I had some pain under my left breast. I’d had

Therese (Sharon)

Oct 18, 2021
My breast cancer journey started when my sister, Sharon, was diagnosed in 2015. It was the first day of kindergarten for my son, so it was already an emotional day for me. Nothing could prepare me for the journey that the next


Oct 14, 2021
I Was diagnosed in 2012 at 46 with breast cancer. My youngest was only 6 years old. I thought I wouldn’t have a long life or be around for my children back then and struggled with everything. I was free at the

Breast screen

Oct 14, 2021
Did you know you can have a FREE breast screen if you are 40 and over? Breast screening aims to find breast cancers that are very small – too small to be seen or felt by you or your doctor. When cancers are


Oct 13, 2021
October 2019, I was pressured into getting my first mammogram at the age of 49 by a friend. I knew it was free from the age of 40 Years but thought because there was no family history, and I couldn’t feel anything


Oct 13, 2021
I don’t like to use the word journey cause to me journey is a pleasurable experience, so this is my Story. On the 18th December 2012 – I’m very sorry but its cancer.  Those words from my GP changed my life forever. 


Oct 13, 2021
Hi this is my story. At 34 I was a hard-working mum of 4. I was so busy working as a nurse in aged care, volunteering in the rural fire brigade, looking after my mum plus all the other things you do


Oct 13, 2021
I was diagnosed stage 4 breast cancer with Mets to my liver when I was 50 … I was diagnosed after going to doctors with crampy pains in my stomach … I felt no lump in my breast … I had 5
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