• Bottle Tree

    Jessie Handley The Biloela Hospital Bottle Tree Acrylic on canvas  This painting was donated by Frances Jameson and her daughter Megan Campbell The bottle was planted by Arnie Timm and Albert (Bert) Poole in 1931. They were both gardeners at the Biloela Hospital at the time. The tree was planted just after the Biloela Hospital opened. The tree was 88 years old when it had to be removed due to […]

  • CQ Blossoms- Biloela
    CQ Blossoms- Biloela

    Artist – Katrina ElliottLocation:– Biloela Hospital ,  Antenatal Assessment Room.Permanent CollectionProject – August 2019 This newly refurbished space plays an important part of caring for pregnant women and their neonate(s). The project involved research in native blossoms in the Biloela area. Creating a modern design and painting of one wall mural and one door mural […]